About us

The goal of the Greatwall Ry is to promote communication and collaboration between Finland and China. Our mission is to develop a platform on which our various activities and services provide beneficial opportunities for the people between two nations.  We constantly seek to

  • disseminate Chinese culture in Finland, and vice versa,
  • increase educational and research cooperation between Finland and China, and
  • facilitate organizations and companies to expand business between Finland and China.

In particular, we offer various programs and services specifically designed for promoting cultural and educational exchanges and better understanding of two countries in various aspects. Business services:

  • providing business networking
  • offering Chinese business cultural trainings and other training seminars
  • organizing business lunch focus on doing business with China and networking
  • delivering business newsletters

Cultural services:

  • organizing cultural events, e.g. art exbihitions
  • adding Chinese elements to other activities organized by Finnish organizers

Local Chinese services:

  • organizing different activities for local Chinese
  • coordinating summer camp to China

Members of the Board

Li Yong Chairman Yong Li

Mr. Yong Li is an enterprineuer as the owner of MobiSociety Ltd. He worked in Nokia Corporation for many years on localisation and internationalisation project management. He is responsible for the general administration of Greatwall Ry, and also the business service programs. E-mail: yong.li@greatwall.fi Mobile phone: +358 50 3018882

  Vice Chairman Zheying Zhang, Lin Xu
General Secretary Honglei Zhang
Board members Ye Chai, Qi Wang, Wei Wang, Yu You