Membership conditions


  • We warmly welcome you, who is walling to contribute to Finnish and Chinese collaboration, respecting regulation of association, paying membership fee annually, to join us.

Transparency Policy

  • The association is a non-profit organization. All the money we will collect is for organizing activities according to the annual plan. The annual plan will be published and the book keeping of the association will be audited by authorized auditor and available for all the member of the association.

Membership fee

  • The association requires its member to pay annual membership fee. The membership fee is 10 euro/year for individual members and 20 euro/year for family members. There is no up limit on annual membership fee. The membership fee should be paid to the bank account of the Greatwall Ry: FI92 1439 3000 115728.

Member benefits

  • The members participate in all association arranged events with association discount, use association’s secondhand market platform for free, order the food material through our website,and receive real time information.