Terms and Rules

Greatwall association, which registered in Finland, is a non-political and non-profitable official Association. Our objective is helping the Chinese, who live in Finland, to imporove Finland language usage, arrange different kinds of trainings to develop Chinese language level in Finland; we provide an operational platform for cooperation for information exchange.


Anyone, who is willing to contribute to Finnish and Chinese collaboration, respecting regulation of association, paying membership fee annually, is warmly welcomed to join us.

Executive Committee of the Association

The management of the Association is carried out by the executive committee. The committee shall also provide services to all the members of the Association.

  • The committee is composed of one Chairman, 2 Vice Chairmen, one General Secretary, 2 financial assistants and 4 Directors.
  • The Chairman, Vice Chairmen, and the General Secretary shall be elected by the members of the Association. The directors are appointed by the Chairman.
  • The official term of the service is four years.

Articles of the Association

The Association shall follow the laws and all the regulations of the host country.

The Association shall organize at least one annual meeting participated by all its members. The Executive Committee decides the meeting time and venue. The meeting shall be notified 15 days before its happening at latest in the Association’s web page (http://www.greatwall.fi). The meeting notice shall also be sent to all the members via e-mail.

Individual member who participates the annual meeting has one voting right. Maximum three members from the the institutional membership can attend the meeting, and have three voting rights.

The Authorities of the Annual Membership Meeting

  • To make and change the Articles of the Association.
  • To elect the Executive Committee in once every three years
  • To review the annual report.

To review the annual audit report.

To review the annual plan and issues on membership fee for the following year.

To define the rights and obligations of its members and other related issues.

The Authorities of the Executive Committee

The Chairman of the Committee calls and chairs meetings in case of necessity. The Committee shall draw up work plans, submit financial budgets; examine and approve membership qualifications; recruit personnels and relief personnels from their posts.

The Chairman shall appoint one member of the Executive Committee to perform the duty on the his behalf in case the Chairman is not able to attend the meeting.