[lang_en]2009 Mid-Autumn Festival[/lang_en][lang_zh]2009中秋家庭联欢会[/lang_zh]

[lang_en]img_6564October 3, 2009 is China’s traditional festival – Mid-Autumn Festival. In collaboration with the Suomi-Kiina Association, Greatwall Ry (Finland-China Language, Education, Culture & Communication Center) held a party for local Chinese and Finnish children and families in Tampere, Finland. There were 80 participants, and the whole party was wonderful and lively. The children learned through the story the origin and history of the Mid-Autumn Festival; zither (GuZheng, 古筝) played with a professional level has attracted the eyes of the children; the children and their parents decorated their own moon biscuits with candies and sugar and sang songs together; and finally, everyone enjoyed tasting the delicious food, moon-cakes, and Finnsh “Pulla”.

The special ‘moon-cakes’, made by the members of the Suomi-Kiina Association, made one of the highlights of the party. It represents the Western understanding of Chinese moon-cakes with a different but wonderful imagination.

Thanks to all people who worked for the party and also to all people who attended. It’s a good memory for all of us.