2013 Summer Camp For Foreign Families With Adopted Chinese Children

The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (OCAO) organizes a Summer Heritage Camp specifically for families with children adopted from China. This Camp offers families the opportunity to better understand Chinese history and culture and children the opportunity to explore their own history.

Dates: June 30 – July 5th, 2013 (departure after breakfast).

Activity highlights: All activities will be in Beijing and the surrounding areas. Activity highlights include an Opening ceremony, Chinese culture seminar, Peking Opera experience, exchange activities with local students, making Chinese traditional handicrafts, visiting welfare institutions, and visiting scenery and historic sites.

This event is organized by the OCAO every year. The Greatwall Ry is coordinating in the camp registration process. There are more than ten families registered to the summer camp this year.

If you’d like to receive the information on the camp or other Chinese culture-related events, and plan to participate in the event in the future, please remember to register as a Greatwall member, and the information will be shared and circulated among the members.